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SEO Link Building Strategy Course

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This course is about: Outranking your COMPETITION, getting more free TRAFFIC and driving SALES! By learning 15 Unique Link Building methods used by Search Engine Optimization professionals!  

These methods are explained in the following way:

  • Exploring the What Backlink or Back Links Are and Why they are Important
  • What Strategies, Methods and Tactics deliver the best Results
  • Live Demonstration of how to implement Tactics
  • Real-life examples to Show when to use Tactics

Course Module

Class Details

  • Introduction to the Course / what backlinks are
  • Students meet Backlinks
  • Is Backlinks are REALLY important?
  • What happens when web crawlers FIRST find a backlink & WHY it matters to you!
  • Location
  • Here is how AUTHORITY works online
  • The OTHER 66.6% of AUTHORITY!
  • DON’T even bother with BACKLINKS if you don’t know this
  • The MOST wonderful FREE tool for backlinks!
  • LIVE DEMO of the backlink profile PROCESS
  • Only FOCUS on this method to get BACKLINKS
  • The most POPULAR way to get RELEVANT backlinks – P1
  • The most POPULAR way to get RELEVANT backlinks – P2
  • The most POPULAR way to get RELEVANT backlinks – P3
  • The EASIEST way to get HIGHLY RELEVANT backlinks
  • Help YOURSELF by helping OTHERS! – P1
  • Help YOURSELF by helping OTHERS! – P2
  • 3 ways to get INFLUENCERS on your side – P1
  • 3 ways to get INFLUENCERS on your side – P2
  • Why NEWS websites / How NEWS websites
  • The NEW wave of SEO!
  • TACTICS that will work in YOUR location
  • OPPORTUNITIES you might have overlooked
  • Not POWERFUL but super EASY!
  • The most POWERFUL, PRECISE and EFFECTIVE tactic
  • Take it to the NEXT level!
  • Some Serious MYTH busting!
  • The last of the WORST + Questions to guide you
  • A 3-Step process to make your life EASIER!
  • Get STARTED with this TEMPLATE

Instructor: Krishanu Mondal

Type: Offline / Online Class

Online Course Fee: BDT 2000

Offline Course Fee: BDT 5000

Course features

Duration: 4 Months

Weakly - 2 days​

Skill Requirements : Beginner

Language: Bangla

Student: 30

Live project : Yes

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