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Professional Web Design & Development

Professional Web Design & Development

This course will provide hands-on training from the very basics of web design to the basic level of Responsive Web Design, PHP, MySQL and WordPress to the advanced level so that after completion of the training all the students can work successfully in professional jobs or in freelancing marketplace.

Course Module

Class Details

  • Student introduction
  • Clear ideas about the web
  • WordPress Introduction
  • Discussions about freelancing
  • HTML Introduction
  • Proper use of HTML
  • Use of different tags
  • Use of different attributes
  • Provide a list of HTML tags
  • Use all necessary tags
  • Use of all necessary attributes
  • Solve problems related to HTML
  • CSS Introduction
  • Use of inline, internal and external CSS
  • CSS Property Introduction
  • Color, Background Color, Height, Width
  • Margin, padding
  • Float, overflow
  • Border, Border Radius
  • Use of display
  • Creating basic design structures
  • Use of other properties
  • Use of all important properties of CSS
  • Ideas about theme forest design
  • Photoshop Introduction
  • Photoshop tools
  • Ideas related to PSD
  • The process of separating images from PSD
  • Introduction to PSD to HTML
  • How to find free PSD web templates
  • PSD to HTML method
  • Complete the design
  • Use of CSS3
  • Ideas about CSS3 properties
  • Use of all the important properties and values ​​of CSS3
  • Use of media queries
  • Property prefix of CSS3
  • Introduction about Responsive
  • How to make a complete responsive design
  • How to make previous designs responsive
  • All uses of Media Query
  • SASS Introduction
  • Use of SASS
  • Everything important to SASS
  • Solve problems related to SASS
  • Introducing Bootstrap 5
  • Use of different classes of Bootstrap 5
  • Caution in using Bootstrap 5
  • The easiest way to practice bootstrap
  • Different section design with bootstrap
  • Use of different effects of bootstrap
  • Use of bootstrap and icons
  • Concepts related to other frameworks
  • Use of Bootstrap and SASS
  • Designed via Bootstrap and SASS
  • Section design via Bootstrap and SASS
  • Complete the design with Bootstrap and SASS
  • Introduction to JavaScript and JQuery
  • Use of JavaScript and JQuery
  • JavaScript and JQuery Basic
  • Different methods of JavaScript and JQuery
  • Jquery Documentation
  • Use of different functions and methods
  • Practical use
  • Shown as a small project
  • JQuery Project
  • Form validation
  • Introduction to JQuery Plugin
  • Use of JQuery Plugin
  • Warning about JQuery plugin
  • All uses of JQuery Plugin
  • Use of JQuery slider
  • Use of various image related plugins
  • WordPress Introduction
  • Server discussion
  • Introduction to PHP and MySQL
  • WordPress Installation
  • XAMPP and Wamp troubleshooting
  • WordPress basic concept
  • Ideas related to WordPress themes
  • Ideas related to WordPress plugins
  • Ideas related to WordPress dashboard
  • WordPress Free Theme Customization
  • WordPress Free Plugin Customization
  • Introducing WordPress Premium Themes
  • Introduction to WordPress Premium Plugin
  • WordPress Premium Theme Full Customization
  • Use of required plugins
  • Theme customization tips
  • Plugin usage tips
  • Premium theme full customization
  • Use of required plugins
  • Theme customization tips
  • Plugin usage tips
  • Website redesign using premium themes
  • Fiverr introduction
  • Fiverr tips
  • Discussion on fiverr gig
  • Introduction to PHP
  • PHP variable
  • PHP condition
  • Use of PHP Loop
  • PHP function
  • PHP string function
  • PHP array function
  • MySQL Introduction
  • Use of CRUD
  • Session related discussions
  • How to make different templates dynamic
  • How to create an upwork account
  • Tips for Approving Upwork Accounts
  • Special discussion on fiber and upwork
  • Tips for getting work done from fiber and upwork
  • Introduction about FREELANCER.COM
  • Tips for getting a job from a freelancer
  • Discuss money withdrawals
  • Application of Pioneer MasterCard
  • Use of Bangladeshi Independent MasterCard
  • Other marketplaces and tips to get work done outside of the marketplace
  • Discuss about professional work and career

Instructor: Robin Hossain

Type: Online Class

Course Fee: BDT 6000

Course features

Duration: 4 Months

Weekly - 2 days​

Skill Requirements : Beginner

Language: Bangla

Student: 30

Live project : Yes

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