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Linkedin Lead Generation

Linkedin Lead Gen 2022 gets more clients by using this simple 4 step strategy plus learn why most linedin networks never generate any leads

Course Module

Class Details

  • Course Introduction
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation: How To Get the Most Out Of This Course
  • Update: Lead Just in From Facebook!
  • Why LinkedIn Matters So Much
  • 3 Core Principles of Using LinkedIn
  • Name The 3 Core Principles Of Using LinkedIn
  • Choosing LinkedIn Accounts Based On Objectives
  • Choosing LinkedIn Accounts Based On Objectives
  • Choosing the right LinkedIn account for you [Links]
  • Drive Traffic With Integration
  • Exploit LinkedIn’s Privacy Settings to Avoid SPAM Whilst Maxing Out Visibility
  • Why people Optimising The Profile?
  • Understanding Keywords – How To Find The Best Ones, & What To Do With Them
  • Optimise For Maximum Conversions
  • What type of photo should you use?
  • Status Updates – Use This One Trick to Engage Almost Anyone
  • Linkedin Edits: A Full Walk Through
  • Perfect Status Update Blueprint
  • The Importance of Social Proof – Recommendations and Endorsements
  • Never Ever Do This! The Consequences Can Be Disastrous
  • Boost your LinkedIn and networking knowledge by using these additional resource
  • Why Being Selective Is A Waste Of Time
  • Quick Regular Actions For Consistent Network Growth
  • 2000+ QUALITY CONNECTIONS IN 20 MINS – This lecture is short, so it must be easy
  • How Are You Getting On So Far?
  • Adding Connections
  • Automate Your Connection Building
  • The Act Of Reaching Out – The Easy Way!
  • The Act Of Reaching Out – The Easy Way!
  • The Importance Of Using Templates – I Include My Own For You To Steal
  • Communication Templates
  • 3 Communications Models That Work – Focus on these 3 and watch the leads role in
  • What Makes A Good Lead? Don’t Even Bother If They Don’t Meet These 3 Criteria
  • What are the four components that make up a good lead?
  • Method 1: [only available to students]
  • Get FREE LinkedIn Leads Every Week – On Auto Pilot
  • The Most Powerful Follow Up Hack Ever
  • Method 2: How I use My Competitors Recommendations To Win Buisness
  • Lead Communication Templates
  • Method 3: The Delegate Lead
  • How To Generate 94 Leads With One Post
  • Module 4 Recommended Reading
  • Hacking LinkedIn to Find Out WHO Visits Your Profile
  • Easy Traffic – Easy Leads

Instructor: Fuad Hasan

Type: Offline / Online Class

Online Course Fee: BDT 2000

Offline Course Fee: BDT 5000

Course features

Duration: 1.5 Months

Weakly - 2 days​

Skill Requirements : Beginner

Language: Bangla

Student: 30

Live project : Yes

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