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If you have always wanted to build profitable affiliate sites but could not find a guide that explained the whole process to you, this is the answer you have been looking for. This course will covers just about everything you need to know about building amazon affiliate sites that generate commissions every month like clock work. Creating these sites is possibly one of the easiest ways to start and setup an online business. Niche research, keyword research, site structure for siloed sites and niche sites, basic SEO, advanced on page SEO and link building.

Course Module

Class Details

  • Course Introduction
  • Majority of beginners to affiliate marketing
  • Worked examples – seasonality and trends
  • Another frequently overlooked factor
  • Quickly estimating the size of a niche
  • Using to generate niche ideas
  • Mining eBay and Alibaba for niche ideas
  • Using magazines to generate great ideas for amazon affiliate sites
  • Use popular movies and athletes to generate awesome niche ideas
  • Use this site to generate 100s of niche ideas in less than 5 minutes
  • No one is talking about this method
  • Niche ideas for amazon sites from late night TV infomercials
  • Do this to generate scores of great niche ideas in minutes
  • Niche research – worked example #1 – golf balls
    Niche research – worked example #2 – belt buckles
    Niche research – worked example #3 – knives vs knives set
    Niche research – worked example #4 – barbie toys
    Niche research – worked example #5 – snow blowers
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Search volume
  • Sales funnel and keywords
  • Awareness stage – Informational keywords
  • Navigational keywords – Consideration stage
  • Transactional keywords – Buying stage
  • Post purchase keywords
  • Longtail keywords
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Topics and keywords
  • Keyword tools
  • Best keywords for amazon affiliate sites
  • Keyword intent
  • Keyword intent – example 1
  • Keyword intent – example 2
  • Longtail vs head keywords
  • Pogo sticking
  • Types of content
  • Content types for informational queries
  • Content – Transactional queries
  • What is keyword difficulty
  • Approach used in this section
  • Google’s PageRank algorithm
  • Domain and page level metrics
  • A word about TF and CF
  • Factors that influence keyword difficulty
  • Measures of keyword difficulty
  • ahrefs rank of sites in the top 10
  • Check authority of external links
  • Links from pages with traffic
  • ahrefs: Introduction
  • Analyse your competition’s most profitable content pieces
  • Niche research with ahrefs
  • Finding extremely easy to rank buyer keywords in any niche – in mere minutes
  • Finding tons of easy to rank informational keywords in any niche in minutes
  • ahrefs: Site explorer
  • ahrefs: Keywords explorer
  • List your main competitors
  • Check what keywords your main competitors rank for
  • Mining social networking sites
  • Mining Q&A websites
  • Mining press release sites for easy keywords
  • Mining article submission sites
  • Mining niche forums
  • Mining large ecommerce sites
  • Weak websites in your niche
  • Finding buyer keywords for silo 1
  • Finding informational keywords for silo 1
  • Keyword research for silo 2
  • Keyword research for silo 3
  • Preparing the siloed site blueprint
  • Why we use WordPress
  • Inside WordPress
  • WordPress update services
  • Reading settings
  • Permalinks
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Categories
  • Adding pages
  • Adding categories to pages
  • Themes
  • Sitemap
  • General settings
  • Writing settings
  • Media settings
  • Contact us page
  • About us page
  • Privacy policy
  • Affiliate disclosure
  • Adding social sharing buttons
  • Why convert niche sites to siloed sites
  • Why choose the easiest keywords for your silos
  • More on site structure
  • Finding silo keywords
  • Tips to find even more extremely good related keywords
  • The primary keyword
  • Run your page through Google’s PageSpeed Insights
  • Top On Page SEO Factors
  • A closer look at over optimization and under optimization
  • POP – Introduction
  • A quick check to see if your page needs to be optimized
  • Choosing competitors
  • Creating a new page using POP
  • A note about LSI
  • Other factors that influence results

Instructor: Fuad Hasan

Type: Offline / Online Class

Online Course Fee: BDT 3000

Offline Course Fee: BDT 6000

Course features

Duration: 4 Months

Weakly - 2 days​

Skill Requirements : Beginner

Language: Bangla

Student: 30

Live project : Yes

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